23 days ago

Free "Jiffy" Mix Recipe Book

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Since the pandemic and the lockdowns were going on and off, I figured I'd try my hand in the kitchen. Maybe by practice I might find out I'm the next Gordon Ramsay  🙂

It only took me a minute to fill out one form and I received a confirmation email instantly. It says it'll take 2 weeks to deliver, within US only.

Product Description:

Jiffy is a brand of baking mixes that has been producing mixes since 1930. The company was previously named Chelsea Roller Mill.

They are known for their products being packaged in a recognizable, small box with the brand's logo in blue. 
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23 days ago

Great, would love to see if there are new things I might learn


about 1 month ago

Thsnk you! I'm planning to learn more how to bake!


about 1 month ago

Jiffy mix actually has some good recipes. I clicked not expecting much


about 1 month ago

Been looking to experiment in the kitchen. Are you a psychic?


about 1 month ago

Ive received a lot of free books from Jiffy. This one's one of my favs!


about 1 month ago

Received mine already. Thanks!


about 1 month ago



2 months ago

Received mine. Thanks!


2 months ago

Thank you, this recipe book will be a great gift for my mom!


2 months ago

I already received this and is really great help!


2 months ago

I want to learn to cook and this will help me a lot. Thank you!


2 months ago

My hobby is cooking and I need to learn new recipes! Thank you so much for this.


2 months ago

Except Ramsey didn't become Ramsey over night. That takes skills. But anyway, I was thinking of trying out on cooking. I think this is more for snacks than full meals, but good to occupy idle hands...

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