Get Your Free Sephora Collection Clean Glowing Skin Foundation Sample
3 months ago

Get Your Free Sephora Collection Clean Glowing Skin Foundation Sample

Free Sephora Collection Clean Glowing Skin Foundation Sample

Sephora has created its own make-up brand. With their extensive knowledge on the make-up industry, Sephora created a make-up collection that performs as well as the higher-end beauty products they carry. Their mission is to create trust-worthy and clean products that deliver the results of the luxury brands.

Why should you try the free sample of the Sephora Collection Clean Glowing Skin Foundation?

You should try the free sample of the foundation because it is lightweight protection that provides buildable converge without looking too cake-y. The foundation also is functional because it matcha tea powder that hydrates your skin and vitamin C that highlights and lightens your dark spots.

The product is also vegan and cruelty-free and great for sensitive skin because it is fragrance free. (TrySpree does wish the foundation had SPF in it!)

What makes this sample a “clean” make up product?

It is considered “clean” because it is formulated without a list of 50 “dirty” make-up products- for example- sulfates, parabens, phthalates and more.

What are some of the reviews of the product that was tried?

TrySpree loved the product. We have tried many samples from luxurious makeup brands and this one does not seem any lesser in quality than those. It is a clean make up beauty product which sometimes can lack in performance, but this one does not. We also liked how the sample is offered in 20 different shades.

Size of sample?

TrySpree thinks the size of the sample is generous! You are able to use it for 5-7 days, and Tryspree liked how it wasn’t just a one time use. We are impressed with Sephora’s sample.

How to redeem?

First step is to follow Sephora Collection on Instagram. Then fill out your name, email address, instagram handle, and address on this link.

Free Sephora Collection Clean Glowing Skin Foundation Sample

You may enter only once and use of any automatic or robotic entries will disqualify you from receiving the free sample.

How long does the sample last?

The free sample lasts until supplies run out, however TrySpree spectulates the free sample will last until the end of this month. Sephora Collection disclosed that there will be 40,000 samples given away. If you are interested in the sample, please fill out the form and follow Sephora Collection on Instagram ASAP!

Who is eligible for the free sample?

The free sample is offered to anyone over the age of 18 years old as of December 10th, 2020. The sample is only offered one per household and is also not offered ot any Sephora employees or promotional parities of the giveaway.

How does Sephora select who will receive the sample?

The samples will be provided on a first-come, first-based basis and are only available while supplies last. Processing time could take up to eight weeks. The likelihood of you receiving a sample depends on the timing of your submission.

Would TrySpree recommend this sample?

TrySpree would recommend this sample. We feel like it is very easy to obtain (only two steps- follow Sephora on Instagram and fill out the form). We also like how the sample is being offered to anyone over 18 and in the United States of America.

There are 40,000 samples to be given out and TrySpree thinks your chance is very high if you enter for the free giveaway soon. We also loved the quality of the sample and how it is a great make-up product that is also clean and sustainable.

The only downside is the how long the product may take to receive (up to eight weeks). For this reason, we rate the sample a 4.5/5.

Highly recommend it!

Free Sephora Collection Clean Glowing Skin Foundation Sample