Get a Free 30 Day Trial from Audiobooks - Perfect for Passing Time In Quarantine
7 months ago

Get a Free 30 Day Trial from Audiobooks - Perfect for Passing Time In Quarantine

Free Audiobooks 30 Day Free Trial

Audiobooks is offering three free Audiobooks when you try their 30 day free trial. Audiobooks is an app that TrySpree has used so much more during 2020. With extra spare time this year, TrySpree has read more books than ever.

The best part of Audiobooks is that you can “read” while you are going for a walk, driving, doing lawn work, etc! This offer is very generous as well, and TrySpree can’t wait to tell you how you can redeem it!

What is Audiobooks?

Audiobooks is the largest producer of word entertainment. The app is a collection of voice recordings of textbooks. Many of the voice recordings are done by award-winning voice artists and A-list actors. Aside from books, Audiobooks also offers voice recordings of productions, plays and podcasts.

How can you redeem three free Audiobooks?

First, you want to download the app onto your smartphone or computer. Once you download the app follow this link:

Audiobooks Signup

You will need to enter your name, email, create a password and fill in your credit card information. You will not be billed until after your 30 day trial. If you decide to cancel before your 30 day trial, you will still receive three free audiobooks to listen to anytime. There are no strings attached. What TrySpree loved most about Audible is how easy and user-friendly the app is. You can listen to your audiobook seamlessly from car, smartphone and laptop.

Are there any extra costs?

There are no additional costs for trying Audible and the three free books within the 30 day trial. However, if you do not cancel your membership, you will be charged $14.95 per month. $14.95 a month includes two Audiobooks.

Are you limited to specific books for the free offer?

No, Audiobooks is very generous with their three books you can try for free. You are able to try your first two books from a selection of 200,000 premium books and one of your free books from the exclusive VIP section of books. Audiobook’s VIP books refresh on the first day of each month and you will be able to listen to that book for as long as you are a member because the book never expires.

Are there any specials or deals if you do decide to become a member of Audible after your free 30 day trial?

If you do decide to purchase a membership, there are special deals offered with the Premium Plus Membership. You receive 30% off any additional books you purchase outside of your plan, eligible for 2 for 1 deals and sweepstakes offered.

What books did TrySpree love trying most?

Audiobooks offers a plethora of genres of books. Our favorites that we tried with this offer were: Where the Crawdads Sings by Delia Owens, Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey, and Atomic Habits by James Clear. If you are going to try the offer from Audible, please read one of these books.

Also, Audiobooks offers Audiobooks for dogs- how thoughtful! It is a wonderful way to keep your loved pet entertained while you are working from home.

Would TrySpree recommend the free three book offer through AudioBooks?

TrySpree rates the Audoibooks free 30 day trial and three free audiobooks a 5/5 stars. The app is user friendly and signing up to receive your 30 day trial takes limited information and time. Audiobooks offers over 20,000 books and can easily please any booklover. We loved how the app can be used seamlessly across many devices (you can also use it on your Alexa).

We think that this is the perfect app for 2020 and everyone could use it with their extra time! Learn something new or become engrossed in a thriller; there are 200,000 stories to discover!

Free Audiobooks 30 Day Free Trial