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8 Simple Ways to Get Free Perfume Samples
about 1 year ago

8 Simple Ways to Get Free Perfume Samples

Buying perfume can be downright expensive. One small bottle can be $225, and the scent may not work for you. Perfume is so unique and personal; it’s better to test and find what you like!

Don’t waste your money on a perfume that may not work for you! Even if you can’t afford a full-sized bottle, you can continue to use your free perfume samples. Besides, everyone needs an easy travel sized scent for that special occasion :) !

1. Find a Magazine

Not everything is online, many print fashion and beauty magazines have perfume samples in them for free! It is usually in one of the thicker pages of the magazines and normally very high-end, designer brands!

2. Instagram Hashtags!

Search free perfume samples! Designer fragrances often have giveaways. Just enter in your information for the free giveaway and receive free perfume! #lovefreesamples

3. Department Stores

All you have to do is ask! Designer perfume brands want to give you free samples to try and want you to try the product before you buy it. I have had the best luck at Macy’s and Nordstrom. Don’t be shy! If you ask nicely, I have walked away with a bag full of perfume samples.

4. Shop Online

When you shop online, many stores give you free designer fragrance samples. When you check out, there usually is a tab on the side to add on free beauty samples. Sephora and Ulta are the best for fragrance samples!

5. Receive Free Samples on Sephora!

You don’t even need to purchase something at Sephora to score free perfume samples. Just go to Pick the samples you would like and then click “order” Checkout and enter in your shipping address. NO credit card needed!

6. Visit the Manufacturer’s Website

Many time designer companies have a tab where you can click for “free samples”. Some companies that send free samples without purchase are: Lancome, The Body Shop and L’Oreal.

If there isn’t a tab for free samples, you can also email the company and tell them why you love the brand and want to try their fragrance. This requires an extra 5 minutes, but I compiled some companies that are known to send you free fragrances. (Mugler, L’Artisan Parfumer, Olfactive Studio, By Kilan, Lancome, Mugler).

7. Give Away Your Email

Designer perfumes, such as Jo Malone, have a free samples tab. Stay on trend and get those new designer fragrances.

8. Become a Member of a Consumer Panel

Companies want to hear your feedback! Join a Consumer Panel and provide your feedback for free samples. You can easily join a consumer panel by searching “beauty consumer testing panels” on Google. Sign up for all the companies you are interested in and receive free samples! The internet truly makes the world feel small. Use it to your advantage!

Use these tips to score some truly epic fragrances! This allows you to stay on trend with the perfume world and also really be choosy on one that is worth the monetary plunge. Scent can be your first and most lasting impression; may your scent be known and for free : )!

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